Issue in install.

I don't have an option to enter Numeric Values when setting File Permissions via Hosting Control panel (HostingUK).

I have set the permissions on the sitemap.xml and ror.xml to Read & Write (see fig-a) but numerical value fields are absent.

Are they required in this instance?

In any case running mydomain/generator produces a 404

Please advise - any pointers greatly appreciated

Thanks in adv


please try to allow read/write access for generator/data/ folder, keep read-only for generator/ folder and open it in browser as domain.com/generator/index.php
Oleg Ignatiuk
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Your reply made me discover the generator file was empty (for some reason it my FTP only uploaded the folder - not its contents) - so I uploaded the contents directly using my HCP and it all seems to be working now.

Many thanks