Google does not commit validated sitemap
« on: March 31, 2007, 08:31:41 AM »
I use OS10.3.9 and Firefox. (Internet Explorer freezes computer!). My html "dot com" site is hosted by a major US host. They are adamant that the verification meta tag is correctly installed in the header section of the page's source. Nevertheless, the "verify" demand remains present in the "Site Verified" column to the right of "1" in the "Sitemap" column, of the Google Webmaster Tools "my sites" page. As a result I cannot access any of the services provided by Google or other websites as recommended from time to time by SEO experts.I also have two "all-Flash" websites, one copy is registered as "dot info" and one copy as  "dot com dot au'. As a rank beginner two years ago, I bought the Flash site template, built it myself and registered it with my US host as "dot com". When I learned a little more I discovered the Flash site could not be spidered by GoogleBot so I bought the 5 page CSS template mentioned in the first line above,
from my US host. At the same time I transferred the "dot com" from my Flash site to my new html site and registered the US copy of the Flash site as "dot info" instead. The copy of the Flash site, (for speed of download), is hosted in Australia.
I thought maybe there is an error in the Google mechanism due to my switching URL's around, or alternatively everything would be OK if I used Internet Explorer? If the latter is the case then i'll simply have to forget about the whole exercise as I cannot replace my equipment! Can someone please help me resolve the gnawing verification problem?