Do not parse extensions
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This is a nice feature. I have some pdf that I just want to show the file name. Is there a way to just show the file name with out the path? I can't show people the full path. I know you don't allow reverse engineering but I just need to make a small change and add the functionality of basename($path, ".pdf"); so shows up as somefile.pdf in the html sitemap

Re: Do not parse extensions
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Just to clarify this a bit:

In the HTML sitemap, because pdf's are listed in my configuration for 'Do Not Parse Extensions', the full path is showing up in the html sitemap:

/downloads 10 files

How do I do this:

/downloads 10 files

I have tried editing the tpl file to add the functionality bu because of the way is is calling the functions it will not work. The template is calling the variable like this:

<TVAR title>

What I essentially need is:

basename(<TVAR title>); 


<TVAR basename(title)>

But both of those methods would be very sloppy and probably not work. I need to edit the TVAR function and add a new variable like 'basetitle'. So I could add:

<TVAR basetitle>

This would be an easy change normally but you don't want any reverse (base64_decode) engineering. Unfortunately, The full path is very messy looking and the script will not work unless this small change can be made. Please let me know what to do.
Re: Do not parse extensions
« Reply #2 on: May 19, 2007, 01:28:33 AM »

please install Sitemap Generator 2.5.3 - it should work as you described.
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