another (No confirm email) purchase thread
« on: June 09, 2007, 03:32:07 PM »
hi guys
here we are again

i checked my SPAM folder

i checked the time as well from the mail server sevice
here is the results

Paypal confirmation email received 10:16:49 AM and that came through instantaneously
Since i didnt get the download link, i checked the boards for 10 minutes here searching term PAYPAL
which led me to information

so obviously i gave it some time and at 10:26:01 AM
i registered with the boards
and signed in withing 2 minutes

as i am typing this message there is still no eamil for a download link
Just wanted to show you i have verfiyed its not a SPAM folder issue or anything on my end

my address is
Transaction ID 3BN426314B7009222
Sorry but i dont have anything that would show a purchase order number unless its the TRANS ID

Please send a COPY of the email to ANTIFMRADIO@ANTIFMRADIO.COM