Pinging google
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following up with my previous post on pinging (general discussion), I have tested stand alone generator on 5 differents NEW sites on differents servers/IPs. After 4 days, not even a sign from google. Amazingly, all sites log a visit from ASK (I did not submit them anywhere else). That's why I don't think the pinging function is working. I don't have any problem with the creation of sitemaps. Please look into this as it is what attracted some of us to the script. By the way, After using a different script on OTHER sites (the downside is I have always to command it manually from my desktop-no cron-that's why I need yours), yahoo and google came within 24 hrs. Please look into this pinging and better test it on brand new sites.
Re: Pinging google
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what do you see for this ping URL?
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