Not Finding New pages I just Added?
« on: July 19, 2007, 08:55:49 PM »
I just added about 450 new pages in my site and then ran the generator, but it did not find the new 450 .html pages
that I have in my  "product" folder on my server. The first time you installed it and ran it and it found my "product" folder fine. How can I get it to read my product folder where I always add all my new .html pages?

Example: on Analyze Site Structure Page it shows:

  • /                           - 2269 (8239)
  • file:/                    -  (1)

  product/                     - 5968
  shell/                       - 1

But on my server it shows I have 6,436 pages in my "products" (product/) folder.


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Re: Not Finding New pages I just Added?
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No, not yet..that is why I want to add them to the sitemap, so customers can find them from links there?

I did not have links to them anywhere on my site the first time you ran the generator and it found them?