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I have paid for and downloaded the Stand-alone version of the programme. It is a php script, and our site is developed in asp. Now, I am totally in the dark with this (not being a developer myself). I have sent the download to uor developer, to upload onto our server in a folder (correct?). Am I right in assuming that it will work seamlessly with our current site? I am also plannig to move from a shared server environment to our own server very shortly. Will I have to re-do this, or not?
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yes, it should work seamlessly.
Here is full documentation for it (including installation instructions): http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/documentation-xml-sitemap-generator.html

and installation in easier words thread
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Hi Oleg

Thank you - I have sent the stuff through to the web developers for implementation. I assume that if they are hesitant, I can get you to do it for an additional $10? Do you carry any kind of guarantee that you will get it up and running? Just something slightly off-topic - I see that Google have a sitemap generation tool. How does that compare in terms of quality etc.?

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installation service can be ordered on http://www.xml-sitemaps.com/contact.html and it includes generation of sitemaps.
You can find the full features list for comparison on the documentation page.
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I see that Google have a sitemap generation tool. How does that compare in terms of quality etc.?
Rodney, the Google sitemap generator script is poorly documented and has not been  updated since December 2005.  Since the sitemap protocol was updated last year, you would have to edit the script to make it compliant.  You would also have to create the configuration file manually so it has a fairly high learning curve for beginners as they learn the syntax to properly type in the processing rules.

xml-sitemaps only involves uploading the scripts & changing permissions on a directory and a few files.  The permissions can be changed using  your ftp client & the script can can be configured & run from a web browser.   Entire setup time has always been less than 10 minutes for most users.  The configuration can be managed via an optional password protected page or you can edit the single text file manually.   Once configured to your needs, it can be automatically run as a unix cron job or Windows scheduled task. 

The xml-sitemaps script also generates more than the single sitemap.xml file.  Depending on your needs, it will create a ror.xml, urllist.txt and a sitemap.html file.  If you edit the sitemap_tpl.html template you can customize the output file to match your site.  This means that after adding pages to your site, you can run the script to recreate your sitemap.html file.  That feature alone can be a HUGE time saver.
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