encrypted code,i am very sad.
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well,i am very sad.
i bought the sitemap thinking that i can add few features to the sitemap for my personal use but seeing the encrypted code i am very sad.
all the nice scripts like invision,vbulletin,subdreamer,phpld are not encrypted then why is this script encrypted.
i bought the site becausse i thought that i will be able to crwal all my site like the service provided by online xml-sitemap generator butthe code only works for one site.we cannot input url to get that url crwaled.sad....
i am helpless.
i am so helpless that i want to surrender the licence,is there a way to get the refund for the script.
thakyou for understanding
Re: encrypted code,i am very sad.
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you are able to define the URL to crawl at the configuration page and sitemap generator will create sitemap similar to online service. That shouldn't be a problem.

Our license agreement doesn't allow software code alteration.
Re: encrypted code,i am very sad.
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Will your software make a sitemap for an Invision forum?