not pinging Google when new sitemap is generated
« on: September 08, 2007, 11:27:22 PM »
I recently upgraded from using the free sitemap generator.  I was able to get everything set up for manual crawl very easily, and I got a chron job set up for automatic crawl with a bit more effort because the way my provider?s control panel works seems to be different from the approach envisioned in your documentation.  Generally, it is a very good product, and I am quite satisfied.

My one problem is that, although I have the "ping Google" option checked, it does not seem to be happening.

I have Google?s "Webmaster Tools" set up for my site, and this tells me when the sitemap was last downloaded.  The chron job ran successfully just over 12 hours ago, but "Webmaster Tools" says that they last downloaded the sitemap more than 24 hours ago.  If I ping Google manually, it usually shows up on "Webmaster Tools" in about 10 minutes, so I don?t think it?s just lag time.

Can anyone explain why the new sitemap is not registering with Google "Webmaster Tools" and what I need to do to make sure it does.

Thanks in advance your help,
Re: not pinging Google when new sitemap is generated
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the ping operation only informs Google about sitemap updated and (unfortunately) doesn't mean that sitemap will be downloaded immediately. The request is placed in the queue by google and is performed after a while.