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I own a website and currently have a Site, A Forum, and A Blog with/archive.  Now I currently have a sitemap that is generated daily for both Google and Yahoo, for the forum only.

However the Site and Blog Archive need to be sitemapped for better crawling.  I would like to use your generator however I need to know prior to doing that:

1) Do I need to exclude my forum since it is being sitemapped already?  Is it damaging to me in crawling, SEO, and rankings if I duplicate the forums layout or links as well?

2) If it is suggested I exclude the forum by using your system, how do I do that prior to "generating" the sitemap?

3) Lastly whether Free or Unlimited, how often do I have to update my sitemap to Google/Yahoo, or does your service do it automatically?
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1. yes, it's suggested to exclude the forums/ folder if you already have the xml sitemap for it.
2. you can do that by adding "forum/" to the "Do not parse" and "Exclude URLs" options of Standalone Sitemap generator.
3. usually we suggest to setup a daily or weekly scheduled task (cron job) in hosting control panel to generate fresh sitemap for your site.
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We don't have experience with the Cron system.

How do I set that up?

Is there a code anywhere I could use to activate the auto creation and update of the sitemap?
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Cron task is configured in Hosting Control Panel and exact steps depend on CP software.