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In a property booking system I have a table with property names as the columns and week numbers as the rows.
Each of the table entries is a link which displays the price for that property/week combination. Clicking on any link forwards to a single page displaying more details and allowing a bookingto be made. The links differ only in the query string (e.g. "mydetailspage.aspx?property=1,week=25"). Of course, when the site map is generated there are several hundred entries generated reflecting the query strings. Is it good practice to submit this site map or should I edit out the majority of similar links leaving a representative sample?
A further complication arises when a property is booked, the link then disappears; this typically happens many times a day, so should I regenerate the map at this frequency?

Thanks in advance!
Re: multiple links to same page
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basically, if all of those pages are valuable, you'd like to get them indexed in search engines and visitors are likely to search for them, you should include them in sitemap.
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Re: multiple links to same page
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Thank you.
On reflection the pages in question are unlikely to be subject to search.