How many sitemaps?
« on: January 15, 2008, 10:40:08 AM »

I have got a few websites and want to create sitemaps for them. After using the free online sitemap creator I study the XML file. Only the links on my front page are in there. Does this mean I have to create a separate sitemap for every page I have on my website?
Or is there a way to make just one sitemap that contains every thing from my whole website?

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Re: How many sitemaps?
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all links on the site should be found, i.e. sitemap generator crawls your pages and includes all links that are pointing to the same domain. Make sure that you inner link point to *exactly* same domain, including www. prefix ( is not the same as
Re: How many sitemaps?
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 ::) Thank you for your reply. I thought that all links should be in the sitemap, but only the links pointing to the same domain are in the sitemap.. Thank you for clearing that up for me. ;D