The instructions for installing said to where to install the entire folder via FTP into my wp-content/plugins directory  I did that.  No problem.

I was then told to create two files named: sitemap.xmland   I'm guessing that I just create to plain text documents with those names.  Next the instructions tell me to upload them and chmod them to 666.  I know how to give files and folders permissions.

The instructions does not tell me where to upload those files.   The root directory, the wp-content/plugins directory or some other directory?

I'm not very technical and I probably shouldn't be on a computer.  I'm almost 70, just survived stage 4 cancer and am suffering from chemobrain

I would greatly appreciate it if someone could help me.  Thank you.

John Fink
Re: What folder do I upload the sitemap.xml and the sitemap.xml.gz on blog?
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our standalone sitemap generator doesn't require you to upload files into wordpress folder, the script does not depend on WP or other publishing platform.
The files should be upload to the main domain root folder, details instructions are here: