Bad links and indexing the forum
« on: December 23, 2007, 02:38:00 PM »

I have just started using the sitemap but am getting 15 broken links listed all with an & at the end

and I can't find the links on the referring page

Also I have a forum with nearly 70,000 posts, I've currently set the sitemap to ignore forum/ because in the past sitemaps have tried listing hundreds of thousands of pages (like each and every way to view each post) I'm using invision power board, does anyone know a way of setting the sitemap up to crawl the forum without listing every possible way to view a page?

Re: Bad links and indexing the forum
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1. please PM me your generator URL so that I can check it.

2. you can use "Do not parse" and "Excclude URLs" options for that. For instance you can add this to both settings:
Code: [Select]
sort=and that will exclude all pages that have "sort=" parameter attached.
Re: Bad links and indexing the forum
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Hi admin

Sorry for the delay in replying

I think the & problem is down to my email being encoded, it looks like

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<a href="&#109;&#97;&#105;&#108;&#116;&#111;&#58;%6E%69%63%6B%40%74%68%65%6D%6F%64%65%6C%73%63%6C%75%62%2E%63%6F%2E%75%6B&#63;&#83;&#117;&#98;&#106;&#101;&#99;&#116;&#61;Contact%20from%20TheModelsClub.Net">Nick</a>
Thanks for the tip about the forum, I'll try that :D
Re: Bad links and indexing the forum
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It seems odd that it only picks up the 15 broken links as it is at the bottom of every page on the main site