Unlimtied Question -- Resume enabled?
« on: January 30, 2008, 12:30:25 AM »
Real quick question here.

Am I missing a setting for the Unlimited Edition? (I can't post in that category.) I need it to resume the sitemap generating process after a CTRL+C, Power Loss, Etc... But, it attempts to begin the entire process all over again, despite the fact that there is already a file being generated that it could, presumably, resume from.

Am I missing the "resume" enabled setting some place?

I'm running XAMPP on my local machine, and I am indexing my internet sites. When complete, I'm going to upload the sitemap to the server. This way, I don't have to burden my dedicated server with the resources it takes to generate a massive sitemap.


Re: Unlimtied Question -- Resume enabled?
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There is an option on the main config screen:

Save the script state, every X seconds:
 this option allows to resume crawling operation if it was interrupted. "0" for no saves

Once this is set then if it stops go to Crawling and click resume from last session.
Philip Nicosia