Google compliance when limits are exceeded.
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In the next version

For those of us with large sitemaps, would it be possible for the unlimited generator to automatically impose Google limitations? For example, if a sitemap (after decompression) exceeds 10 MB AND/OR has 50,000 Urls or more, then another filename is started.

Sitemap.xml (or Sitemap.xml.gz) = 1 - 50,000 URLS @ 10 MB.
Sitemap-2.xml (or Sitemap-2.xml.gz) = 50,001 - 100,000 URLS @ 10 MB.

But perhaps it will look something like this

Sitemap.xml (or Sitemap.xml.gz) = 1 - 38,000 URLS @ 10 MB.

Etc., Etc., Etc.

Re: Google compliance when limits are exceeded.
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Sitemap Generator supports splitting sitemap on multiple files with maximum of 50,000 URLs per file:

Also, this is configurable in file:
   'xs_sm_size' => 50000,
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Re: Google compliance when limits are exceeded.
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Thanks!  Been trolling this forum for a while trying to find this answer!

It would be helpful for the XML-Sitemap forum admins to create a sticky and put the top 10 issues one might run into getting this to work.