Crawling page not loaded.
« on: March 12, 2008, 01:53:10 PM »

I recently purchased the sitemap generator and everything seemed to be working great until last night.  I accessed the generator and when i clicked on the crawling page, it was blank.  I cleared my cache and cookies and tried again, but still blank.  I tried viewing my sitemaps, but nothing is there so i'm not sure what happened.

My website is fairly large with close to a million or more links so I'm assuming it just froze up.  I saw the recent post on the php.ini file and max execution time, but I do not have access to apache to change this unless there is a way to do it through cpanel (assuming that is the problem).

Hopefully you have a solution for me. 

Re: Crawling page not loaded.
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You should increase memory_limit setting in PHP configuration (not apache config) to avoid that. Please contact your host regarding that.
Re: Crawling page not loaded.
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Yes, I figured I would have to do this.  This still doesn't explain why the "crawl" page is blank each time i go to it.  I really haven't seen a similar problem when viewing other posts.  Can you help?
Re: Crawling page not loaded.
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Sitemap generator tries to open a "progress dump" file to disaplay current progress state and fails to do so due to memory limit being exceeded.