Cron Job Setup & Command Line
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Dear All,

Firstly what a great tool xml-sitemap is and one of the best website apps i have purchased for a long time.

To business -

I have read post after post about Cron Job Setup & Command Line and still not found any real information regarding how to set this up.

Command Line - How do i get or use command line?

Is it CMD on my local computer?

Cron Job Setup - Why it there not a simple document to download or follow like the install guide.

Can a Cron Job automaticlly run the sitemap generator or is this just a funky word to say about something else.

My understanding of a Cron Job is that you can set paramiters somewhere and then leave it until you see fit to make changes. From that each day, week, month, etc it will automaticlly run the crawl of the site and bingbangbosh your new sitemap has been create while you were asleep say.

Am I right?

and if so can someone please please explain how to set it up in super simple terms like the install guide when you purchase the app.

Re: Cron Job Setup & Command Line
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"command line" operates on your server and is accessible if you have SSH connection to your host. You don't need SSH in order to setup Cron task though.
We have no detailed instructions on cron job setup since it differs from host to host depending on Hosting Control Panel software.
Usually, in Hosting CP you should find "Cron Jobs" section, where you'll be able to specify:
1. schedule config (time, days, etc - when sitemap should be regenerated)
2. command to execute - this can be found on "Crawling" tab page of your generator and looks similar to:
Code: [Select]
/usr/local/bin/php /path/to/generator/runcrawl.hpp