Preparing Website Prior to Site Map Crawl
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I am not exactly sure I have the site map results I was hoping for. I use FrontPage (unfortunately) and the Navigation sturcture looks good in FP 2003 Nav view, but the XML and HTML resutls don't follow my Navigation structure I set up in FrontPage 2003. Does it matter that the XML file is in order?

Would it be a good idea to create FOLDERS for each main segment of my website, i.e., "buyers" "sellers"?? Would it be best to remove FP Nav Bots and go strictly to HTML code?  For the most part my Folders are in alphabetical order and FP Navigation seems to not be translating into the proper HTML and XML structure.

How should I "structure" my FP website before creating the site map I upload to google. 

I show about 330 pages.


Re: Preparing Website Prior to Site Map Crawl
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the structure and ordering of URLs inside xml sitemap file is not important.