Please explain
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Hi All,
I'm a new unlimited user and admin set up my sitemap.  I submitted my sitemap.xml to google and received the following repsonse:
Sitemap type Web
Submitted Apr 1, 2008
Last downloaded by Google Apr 2, 2008
Total URLs in Sitemap 5761
Indexed URLs in Sitemap 0

Question, why is Indexed URLs = 0?

Also, I receive a total of 2,247 URLS Not found, what is that? 

Not sure I understand why if the sitemap program scanned my site and found URLs, why they are not indexed and over 2K of those URLs are "not found"

Chuck LaPenta
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Re: Please explain
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Google has not indexed your URLs yet, it takes time to them into SE index.


Re: Please explain
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check in google how many is indexed page  of your domain.
type in searchbar   site:yourdomain