sitemap indexes itself
« on: April 22, 2008, 11:57:36 PM »
I read somewhere that the any sitemap files linked to in a website should be removed temporarily so as to prevent the sitemap generator from indexing itself. When I ran the free generator, the xml generator report said I had one broken link. That broken link trurned out to be the sitemap.htm file I temporarily removed. So I reinstalled the sitemap.html and renamed it Sitemap.htm, and ran the free xml sitemap generator again. Now no broken links show, but the sitemap.html pages that humans see went from 80 kb to 234 kb and the docs went from 83 kb to 165 kb. The sitemap.xml file went from 43 kb to 82 kb. This seems like unnecessary duplication, and I don't want a Google penalty.

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Re: sitemap indexes itself
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Do you mean that you don't want to include your sitemap URL in xml sitemap?
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no, the sitemap url itself is fine, but if the result it to show all the other pages and links twice, would that not anger Google, or trigger some kind of alert to their robots of duplicate content, and hence a penalty? thanks for your reply
Re: sitemap indexes itself
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There's no problem in having multiple links from different pages to the same URL on your site.