google returned error
« on: May 27, 2008, 01:06:05 PM »
I created sitemaps for a large site.  The generator stopped a few times but I was able to restart.  The finished sitemaps show 78548 pages indexed.  There are 3 files, sitemap.xml.gz, sitemap1.xml.gz and sitemap2.xml.gz.

When I submitted to google, an error message came back saying the file size was too big, remove some urls.  I clicked on their help icon and it said that a maximum of 50,000 urls is allowed (not file size).

The sitemap1.xml.gz file contained 50,000 urls.  I cut out 10,000 and pasted them into sitemap2.xml.gz and resubmitted.  I just received google's reply, accepted OK.

I believe the client program gsitecrawler creates max 40,000 url sitemaps.  Previously I had used gsitecrawler, and with a large site there were too many problems, all that data has to be downloaded over the net.  xml-sitemap generator is much faster.  What took over a week is now completed in a few hours.
Re: google returned error
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please configure the maximum number of URLs per sitemap file in file:
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'xs_sm_size' => 40000,