Need Help with Your Sitemap generator!
« on: June 01, 2008, 11:57:20 PM »
Let me start my problem from the begining:

I have a forum like yours (SMF 1.1.5) but it's problem was that google spiders did'nt crawl it's topics for more than 1 year and my search friendly urls is not functioning because of apache issues, so I download a mod called pretty uls which rewrite all my forum urls to make it readable by just removing the ID sessions and let it appear as a normal url, then after I did that I tried to generate simtemap with your script but still my newly rewrited pages is still ignored?!

I want to understand where the problem is? & If I left the forum without submitting a sitemap to a google webmaster tool, is it guaranteed that google spider will crawl all my forum pages next time noting that my all non-forum pages + my first SMF home page is already indexed by google.

Thanks in advance & am waiting your replies.
Re: Need Help with Your Sitemap generator!
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I'd suggest you to use our search engines bot simulator tool to find out how your site looks like from se point of view.