2 Questions! - Can stanalone do this and that?
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Hello XML-Sitemap creators,

I have tried your free tool to crawl my site and want to purchase your stand alone tool.

However, I need to know answer to the following 2 questions, please.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



The Questions:

In scanning my sites - there are internal links that allow the surfer/site visitor to select various styles to change the color scheme of my site to best suit their viewing needs.  Also I include a print to PDF and E-mail to
a friend button on my content pages.

The links to the style sheet switch, pdf creation and e-mail to a friend are not items I want to include in the site map.

Using your free tool on this site I created a site map and then loaded it into notepad to remove URLs to the items I did not want listed (mentioned above).  This took a few minutes.

My real question comes from: using the automated script you have as a standalone product -(1) is there  a way to tell the script some identifiable information about certain links that have certain words in a url - which I can chose to exclude from the site map automatic creation?  For instance - does the script allow me to put an exclusion statement in a rule set to not include any URLs with %PDF% or %EMTF%?

(2) Can it also remove all statements from URLs with actions?  So, URL: [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ] would be included in the site map as  [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ] (which strips everything on the URL after the ?)

Re: 2 Questions! - Can stanalone do this and that?
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thank you for your questions.

1. Standalone sitemap generator allows you do define Exclusion list exactly for this purpose, to avoid including of "noise content" pages in sitemap.

2. There is an option to remove specific URL parameters (designed to remove session IDs from links, but could be used in your case). So, adding "target" in your case would work.

Make sure to check out the demo instance here: https://www.xml-sitemaps.com/generator-demo/