fatal error - incompatible issue?
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I updated server software and Standalone Sitemap Generator v2.7 2007-10-21 stopped working. There was the following error message:

Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 25165824 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 22020421 bytes) in /home/mexpress/public_html/generator/pages/class.http.inc.php(2) : eval()'d code on line 107

Installed the latest version v2.9, 2008-06-15 and still had the same error. I tried increasing the memory_limit setting in php.ini from 8M to 12M and then 24M but it didn't help. My sitemap only has 117 pages so the number of pages should not be a problem.

It seems to me that Standalone Sitemap Generator v2.9, 2008-06-15  (and older versions) are not compatible with my new server environment which is:

Cpanel, Apache 2.2, PHP 5.2.6, suPHP and Suhosin

The old configuration that didn't cause any problem was:

Cpanel, Apache 1.3. and PHP 5.2.0

The Sitemap Generator installation instructions say permissions for the data folder must be set to 777. This is not compatible with suPHP that requires 775 and lower on all files and directories.

Browsing the forum I see that many people lately have had this type of fatal error that is not fixed by increasing memory_limit setting in php.ini. I'm inclined to think that there's incompatible issue with suPHP (or the type of server environment I have listed above).

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Re: fatal error - incompatible issue?
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Memory limit should not be the issue in case of 117 pages in sitemap, please PM me your generator URL/login so that I can check it.
Re: fatal error - incompatible issue?
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Please enable personal messages for my account and I'll PM you the URL.

Thanks, laishar
Re: fatal error - incompatible issue?
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You should use forum login/password sent to you with sitemap generator download link to be able to send PMs.
Re: fatal error - incompatible issue?
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Update: we've added "dmg" into "Exclude extensions" option to avoid downloading of large files with "dmg" extension on this site and sitemap has been created successfully.