the process stops at the 1st sitemap. I have 60 million pages.
« on: September 07, 2008, 10:42:55 AM »

I have 60 million pages for my site. I guess each sitemap has max 50,000 links, so 60 million pages would request at least 1,200 sitemaps. An index page will index max 1,000 sitemaps. So I need at 2 index files.

The problem was started from the size of each sitemap. Google only allow 10mb for each sitemap. So I set the line to  'xs_sm_size' => '30000', therefore each sitemap is about 30,000 links and only 6.5mb.

I thought everything was set up correctly, but after I clicked "crawl" button manually, the server hanged for about 1 hour and started to crawl for 2 hours, and after 30,000 links the generator started to crawl the first sitemap again (duplicated 1)? It never started to carry on the next sitemaps. So I expected it to crawl 1200 sitemaps and it has been run for a week. I only got 1 sitemap which is 30,000 links only.

Please help. I can pay anyone USD $100 to get me things fixed. Based on my sitemap size, i need 30,000 links per sitemap, total 2,000 sitemaps and 2 index files.

I would appreciated it if anyone helps me. $$$

Re: the process stops at the 1st sitemap. I have 60 million pages.
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it works now. basically i have to create empty sitemaps, but think about that, i have to create 2,000 sitemaps manually before run the script cuz my site has 60 million pages.