Folder ownership permissions
« on: July 13, 2009, 07:47:21 PM »
My sitemap was running fine (cron) every evening and then I changed folder permissions on the site (which also changed the permissions on the "generator" folder and now it will  not run completely.  I want to confirm that the folder ownership permissions need to match the cron permssions or I assume it will not run properly.

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what exactly is happening - do you get any error message from sitemap generator?
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sorry for the delay in answering, I've been traveling.  No errors in the error_log at all.  What happens is that it appears to begin running then just stops.  I can restart and then at some point it just stops again.  This all started happening once I changed the ownership for the directories.   :-[

May I PM you some additional specific information if you think that will help you trouble shoot this?

Thanks for the reply!!!
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I have it working now ... I changed the permissions to something I believed would work and also made a couple of other changes in the config file.  Thanks for offering to help!  Have a good one!