Really slow now?
« on: November 03, 2008, 01:56:04 PM »
When I first installed XML-SitemapGenerator on my new VPS for a new project, it ran VERY fast - completing ~ 1,000 pages in under a minute. Now all of the sudden it's running at maybe 20 pages every 30 seconds, without any changes to the VPS, and only around 1,000 more pages than we began with... but this starts happening even with the first 20 pages. After around 500 pages, it speeds right back up again. Is this normal?
Re: Really slow now?
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Err now it's to 780 and WAY slow again, maybe 20 pages per 3 minutes...
Re: Really slow now?
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It would be nice if the answers in these forums didn't end with an admin asking for a PM.  I'd really like to read these final solutions.  Anyway for admins to come back and post these final resolutions?