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Brought the script yesterday because we have a large site. I installed the script as per instructions but the xml generator gave errors when trying to generate xml files in the public_html (Yes I did create the blank xml and ror in that directory) the only way to get this working was to change the directory to generator/data and have the xml created in that directory instead. I'm guessing that this was a chmod problem, but I can't have the public_html directory set to 777.
Anyway the xml generated an index page and only 2 xml pages. I was a little surprised at this as previous xml scripts have make files in excess of 180mb. Upon closer inspection I can see that the xml's are all larger than the recommended 10mb and have been rejected by Google. Can anyone please explain where I've gone wrong on these area's please. I've searched through the forum but cannot find the exact same issues (unless I'm using the wrong search strings)
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you should decrease the number of URLs per file manually in config.inc.php file:
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    'xs_sm_size' => '40000',and regenerate sitemap (smaller files will be created as a result).
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Thanks I'll reduce the number down to 30000 to see how it goes.  ;D ;D