Pages indexed: 1 - huh?
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Purchased, installed and created 1st sitemap all within 5 minutes BUT, as the title says, it only generates the root level link.

I've read through the documentation but cannot see something obvious that will allow deeper linking.

Settings are:
Starting url:
In 'Narrow Indexed Pages Set' Nothing has changed except disallow indexing on 1 folder (with or without this makes no difference.)

Other than that, anything I missed?

The online free version works fine, just not the purchased version!

I can PM mods the live URL if need be.


EDIT: Actually I worked it out.
Under configuration the domain was set for I have a 301 redirect set up which dumps the www. Changing the URL to fixed the problem.
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Re: Pages indexed: 1 - huh?
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Great, I'm glad you got it resolved.
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