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After install I got this error "Config file is not writable: /home2/sextripl/public_html/generator/
Datastorage folder is not writable: /home2/sextripl/public_html/generator/data/"
I went to the hosting control panel and see 4 change file permissions I did appear to be correct, where did I run amuck.
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make sure that /home2/sextripl/public_html/generator/ file permissions are set exactly to 0666.
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I'm not sure I grasp this, is each item between the forward slashes a separate file? An example is/home2/or is it the entire line/home2/sextripl/public_html/generator/ I can't find the first two, public HTML is set at 766, where it's always been, generator is set at 777, config Inc. PHP is set at 666. I double checked this in the hosting control panel. What do we do now? This is what you get for dealing with an amateur thanks    Mike
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Can you provide ftp access (via PM) to check the issue?