Indexing Forums( ) Please help im confused
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Good day !   I love your Generator software... but im a little lost.      ???

Im using this forums and I bought it because it does index into google
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This is somthing from wowbb webpage
----Search Engine Friendly URLs------
WowBB can transform many forum URLs to a format even the most picky search engine cannot complain about.
For example,
Requires Apache web server and a Apache module called mod_rewrite.
WowBB also lets you turn off links to user profiles except when displaying topics to help improve Google's PageRank distribution across your board.

This is my problem

1. When I do run your script against my site when it hits the forum it never finishes.  I have to limit the crawl for it to complete.

2. When I do crawl the site it seems to not be taking advantage of the mod_rewrite

I have an apache server and I setup the Mod_rewrite but when I use your indexing software It seems to fail evertime.   I would like my forum to be used in my indexing but Im overly confused on how to do this properly.    Will your script take advantage of the mod_rewrite?   

3. If your willing to log into the system and fix and explain any possible mistakes I have.    I just want to make sure its setup right so I can get the best results from google and yahoo.   Just please tell me how much this will cost.


Re: Indexing Forums( ) Please help im confused
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1. Please check these topics for possible solutions for the larger sites if you cannot complete the generation:,201.html,42.html,153.htm

2. Do you mean that URLs crawled are still in "view_topic.php?id=6&forum_id=2" format? But when you check your forums in browser - are the links changed to "forum2/xx.html" currently?
Please note that Sitemap generator crawls your site similar to the "normal visitor", so if you see new URLs, then sitemap generator should index them as well.

Looking forward to hear from you.
Re: Indexing Forums( ) Please help im confused
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I did take the time to scan most of your forum to try to get help.   I dont seem to have any problems as described in the links you sent me other then it does seem to take advantage of my mod_rewrite..   I also see that when I put exclude URL strings the script ignores my request.   I must be doing somthing wrong. 

Could you give me your paypal address and I'll send you money to go look at it my site.  I have hit frustration... and I cant figure out how to stop the script after I started it.  I selected the option to continue after clicking off the screen.      So I cant currently check on if the URL are working after a 3rd time of running the crawl.