Crawls 2 pages only and stops......
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Im using your generator for ages, I have upgraded many different versions and everything was fine until few days ago.

I have upgraded to 2.9 few days ago and today I have noticed that the sitemap is being crawled fine (over 4000 pages) but no new pages are being added.

I have decidec to delete my sitemaps and script folder and install it from the scratch.

I have done it all again following instructions. Now nev version 2.9 is ready and installed but it doesnt want to crawl my web page.

It does crawl 2 pages only and creates all the sitemaps fine but the problem is that the page has over 4000 pages ;(

Just to make sure.  I have removed the script and installed previous 2.8 version again. Thats working absolutely fine which means that only the new 2.9 doesnt crawl my web page and stops after 2 pages.

Please Help   ??? ???


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Re: Crawls 2 pages only and stops......
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make sure that you have defined Starting URL correctly (like having instead of
Re: Crawls 2 pages only and stops......
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I have done that correctly. Its not my first time.

I have tried all the versions of the the url just in case ( with http, without http, with www and without)

It doesnt want to start crawling, it scans 2 pages and then completes.

I have tried to add my server IP address at the bottom but that doesnt help.

Newly installed version 2.8 is working fine but the last 2.9 just doesnt start to crawl.

Please help     ??? ???


Re: Crawls 2 pages only and stops......
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Have you received my private message??

Could you help please.