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Author Topic: site map 500 error from google  (Read 22718 times)


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site map 500 error from google
« on: December 01, 2008, 07:22:11 PM »
i've got my site up and running, but having a rough time with google
accepting my sitemap file,, it is on my website [external links are visible to admins only] all of my pages had a check under them,, i assume that means they are verified,, but when i tell google to look at the sitemap.xml file , in about 5 minutes i get this error..
http error 500 network unreachable. could someone see if my sitemap.xml file is ok,, i'm made several different ones with various generators, but get the same error,, also will this stop google from crawling my site,,, please help!! i've been messing with this for 3 days...
Site Information Sitemap Verified?
frankyandlouies.com/campground Add Verified
frankyandlouies.com/contact Add Verified
frankyandlouies.com/entertainment Add Verified
frankyandlouies.com/gasdock Add Verified
frankyandlouies.com/menu Add Verified
frankyandlouies.com/news Add Verified
frankyandlouies.com/photos Add Verified
frankyandlouies.com/thumnailpictures Add Verified
[external links are visible to admins only] Add Verified
[external links are visible to admins only] Add Verified

under the verified? column i have all checks, if i add a sitemap
i get 1 with errors

any idea's ? ???

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Re: site map 500 error from google
« Reply #1 on: December 01, 2008, 07:43:15 PM »

in case if Error 500 is reported, it means that Google is not even able to access your sitemap, so it's not formatting issue. You should contact your host to resolve the issue, possibly you have requests from Google blocked in some way.
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