Worked well, then only one page on sitemap
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Hi all,
Today, I installed xml-sitemap on a new site , it worked well a few moments. I changed some parameters, and then only one page on sitemap.
During 6 hours (!) ,  I tried to retrieve parameters. Always 1 page in sitemap.

Putted 2.9 generator, the same unique page on sitemap appears.

Chmod are ok , www are ok. everything seems  ok, but just only index page  on sitemap.
 I have others sites with generators on same server, generator work well on other sites.
On free online generator, works well with lot of pages !
hat can I do ?
Thanks for help


EDIT: Seems working better if sitemap stay  inside data folder.

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Re: Worked well, then only one page on sitemap
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Got about 5000 pages, 200 by 200, because stopped ( execution time ?) , an go  again in crawling page to continue. But, after 5000 pages and 3 hours, just  forgot to clic "continues sitemap" box and clic simply on "run"  and by default all 5000 pages sitemap are cleared without warning to begin a new sitemap  !!!.

And now, when I try to do sitemap again  -same parameters -, only one page on sitemap !!!!

Help me !


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