The installation was easy and straightforward.  As your instructions said, Filezilla would not be able to change the file attributes on a Windows Server.  So, I called, my hosting service, and asked them how to change my attributes. 
Tech #1 said, install IIS 7.0 from Microsoft and you can do it yourself.  I installed it, and could not figure out how to change the file attributes.  so, I called again...
Tech #2 said, Oh...  you want to run this php file...  No can do on our Windows 2008 servers!  so, they didn't want to change the file or folder permissions for me because they say a php file will NOT run on these new servers.
So, I've got the appropriate files up...  I've created the empty sitemap.xml and ror.xml files...  But even if I could get the Generator folder permissions and the 3 file permissions changed, claims I can't run the php file anyway.  (or, maybe they just don't want me to???)
What are my options, please???
Re: says NO php on Windows 2008 servers! What's a girl to do???
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[ External links are visible to forum administrators only ] would NOT change the file permissions on the "/generator" directory.  Nor would they change the file attributes for the 3 necessary files.  So, when you go to [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ] you get a "permission denied" error.  However, if you can get it to work, I would be most appreciative.  On the other hand, says that php files won't even run on the new Windows 2008 servers that my site is hosted on.  maybe that's not true.  I don't know.