Crawl runs for a while, then stops
« on: December 20, 2008, 05:40:20 AM »
I'm trying to create a sitemap using the Unlimited version.  The crawl starts, runs for a while, then stops.  When I try to resume, it sits there for a while saying "Resuming", but never continues.

The first crawl_dump.log had a bunch of gibberish at the end of it, as though many characters were written over top of one another.  After an unsuccessful resume, I renamed it so that the crawl would start over from the beginning.  The second log is 93KB vs. 87KB, so it apparently ran a bit longer.  This one won't resume, either.

I'm probably doing something a bit out of line as I'm trying to create a sitemap for a subdirectory, not the root.  I have a subdomain on this particular host account which has a number of sites under the subdomain directory.  So, the structure is [ External links are visible to forum administrators only ].  I've put empty sitemap.xml and ror.xml files both in the root of the account's primary domain, and the location I specified in the configuration.

Any help would be appreciated.