FREE & Standalone, wield issue
« on: December 24, 2008, 08:14:45 AM »
I tried to use free version before purchase, it says exceeds 500 lists, then I bought standalone version, it

Sitemap details
Request date: 24 December 2008, 14:52
Processing time: 4941.13s
Pages indexed: 403
Sitemap files: 1
Pages size: 24.14Mb

only 403 pages indexed!

Why is this?

I compared a bit between free 's xml and standalone's xml , it looks like free version crawl many pages that standlone does not have, looks like FREE version works better than standalone one?

Maximum pages: 0
Maximum depth level:0

Re: FREE & Standalone, wield issue
« Reply #1 on: December 25, 2008, 01:52:18 AM »
all info PMed, please help