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This may sound  like a noob question, but I just want to know.

I'm allowed to modify or remove the copyright note from HTML Sitemaps ?

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<div id="copyright">Page generated by XML-Sitemaps.com - A <a href="http://www.xml-sitemaps.com">Google sitemaps</a>
and html sitemaps generator
<br><br style="clear:both;"/></div>

If not, may I change the title of HTML Sitemaps ? (Remove the Generated by www.xml-sitemaps.com string)
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<title>Site Map <TVAR PAGE> - Generated by www.xml-sitemaps.com</title>

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yes, this is allowed - you can modify pages/sitemap_tpl.html file for that.
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Thank you.
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Is this still the correct answer for this question in the latest version?  I can't find a sitemap_tpl.html file in my generator/pages directory.
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Disregard, I found it.  It's now in the /generator/pages/mods/ directory.