sitemap.xml 0 bytes after Crawling why?
« on: January 08, 2009, 10:15:43 AM »
I have uploaded all instruction folder generator to /home/mydomain/public_html/generator
After I'am created new files sitemap.xml and then uploaded to /home/mydomain/public_html/
After set CHMOD 0666 to this file.

/home/mydomain/public_html/generator/data 777
/home/mydomain/public_html/generator/ 666

After go to
See Configuration:
Starting URL:
Save sitemap to: /home/mydomain/public_html/sitemap.xml
Your Sitemap URL:

X. Create Text Sitemap:
X. Create ROR Sitemap:
X. Create HTML Sitemap:

HTML Sitemap filename:


After go to


And files in public_html/sitemap.xml 0 bytes.

When it's Crawling work and data/crawl_dump.log created good in size.

Why?  ???

sitemap.xml 0 bytes?   :'(

Please help me decide problem. Thank you.

Re: sitemap.xml 0 bytes after Crawling why?
« Reply #1 on: January 08, 2009, 03:28:05 PM »

please PM me your generator URL/login to check that.
Oleg Ignatiuk
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