server times out? cron and ie/mozilla
« on: January 10, 2009, 09:01:28 PM »
so besides the point i bought this 2 times from here,,,,

and 24 hrs later on this current project."sitemap"...i  have a timeout problem, so it looks like. between 500 and 1500 pages it shuts down... no errors prompting..upon restart it just never finishes the site map build...the site should have less then 6k pages to it.....i used cron and ie/mozilla browsers this is the same problem...

i pulled the php5.ini file out of my server and added "max_exeuction_time = 19200" this did nothing... i played with all the setting to mix it up to see if it changes the problem.. of course not... :)

i did a search on here for the answer. but it looks like the one i found "admin" emailed the answer to them.

so direct me on what to do to fix this....

Re: server times out? cron and ie/mozilla
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in most cases this issue is resolved with a custom setup of "Do not parse"/"Exclude URLs"/"Memory limit" and other settings (depending on the sites).
Please PM me your generator URL/login to check that further.