What a Waste of Time
« on: January 22, 2009, 01:24:11 PM »
5 minuite setup guide ?!

what a crock! ..... Since you are charging $20 a pop for this "tool" i seriously suggest that you provide installation instructions for those of us using IIS and windows 2003.

I expect to spend a certain ammount of time setting up GNU applications, debugging and whatnot... but for a piece of software ive paid for !! .... i have to be honest im extremely dissapointed.

Basically all i can say is... if you use IIS + windows 2003 server dont bother paying for this.

I thoguht getting php / mysql set up on IIS was a pain... but that has NOTHING on how pathetic the instructions for running thie (a simple script) are.

Youve even encrypted the source code so I have no choice but to come here and express my dis-satisfaction! ... seriously... dont bother with this on a windows server.
Re: What a Waste of Time
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I wouldn't waste my time with a Windows server and I certainly wouldn't want the security nightmares.  Installing on most of my websites with a Linux server took all of three minutes.
Re: What a Waste of Time
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I'm sorry to hear that you encountered issues when installing sitemap generator.

The installation process for IIS is very similar to Linux case, but since you cannot set permissions via FTP you  should do that in your hosting control panel. There are different hosting CP software packages, so we cannot provide instructions for every case, but basic instruction to allow write access to these files:
/generator/data/ folder.