How is it finding subdirectories where subdomains are?
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I used free generator to make a site map of a maindomain.  It finds the directories where my subdomains are and it included all those files in the sitemap. I'd rather not have it do that.  How did generator even find these subdirectories if I do not currently have any url links within my maindomain to them?  I do have links to my subdomains but the current links to these are by linking them with their subdomain names.   I'd rather it didn't find these subdirectories because I'll make sitemaps of the subdomains separately.

Thanks in advance. :)
Re: How is it finding subdirectories where subdomains are?
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Okay, Thanks!  That seems simple enough.   While searching I found this: 
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Is there any true about google has done what is described there with subdomains?   

Thanks again.