Not generating site map
« on: June 02, 2006, 03:14:59 AM »
I have used the sitemap generator on 4 of my sites so far and it works as promised.  Nice tool!.  However, I am now on the 5th site and for some reason, which I just can not resolve, the sitemaps are not being generated.  It "appears" to run, but sitemap.xml in my root directory is blank after it runs, and so is the urllist.txt in the Generator folder.  I have my config page set not to create a sitemap.html page, as I already have that.   I have followed the same process as the other sites that worked fine.

The ISP for this site is the same as one of my other sites that your product worked fine with. I stared at my config 20 times and see no difference than the ones that ran well.  I am getting blank site-maps as if nothing is running.

On an added note, I ran this about 3 to 4 weeks ago and it worked.  I have since made major chancges to the site and addedd a few thousand web pages, however, these same changes were made to the 4 sites that the sitemap generator worked on.

Here is the site:
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THanks in advance.
Re: Not generating site map
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it looks like you need to increase max_execution_time setting in php.ini (and restart apache after that).