New feature of Online Generator
« on: June 05, 2006, 12:44:24 PM »
Our standalone unlimited sitemap generator has always included the ability to identify any broken links you may have on your website and tell you exactly what page they were found on so you could easily track them down and fix the errors.

We have now added this as an optional feature to our free online sitemap generator for sites that have less than 500 pages. If your site has broken links on the results page you will now see a message telling you the amount of broken links we have found together with an option for displaying them and the pages they were found on.

For a small $5 fee we will give you lifetime access to displaying broken links on your chosen website and you will be able to use this feature for no extra charge anytime in the future as you make changes to your website.

Why are we making this charge?

Since we started less than one year ago we have created more than 147,000 free sitemaps crawling over 22.5 million pages. Originally developed to create Google XML sitemaps we have added the creation of HTML and Text sitemaps due to popular demand.

Our free online sitemap generator is now creating over 1000 sitemaps a day. Because of the increased demand we have recently had to move the site onto a dual Intel(R) Xeon(TM) processor dedicated server to cope with the added load.

We have no plans to charge people for creating sitemaps for their sites using the free online sitemap generator and if you purchase the access to your broken links your $5 goes towards the costs of keeping this service free and future development.
Philip Nicosia