Hello, i have a website that runs wordpress, for the wordpress posta i can generate a sitemap  using a plugin.

But i got modifications to the search function, (Recent 10 searchs with a link to the seaarch at displayed at each page)

So it looks like


also in the search results, i got 4 tabs each with dyanmic search results from (Veoh, myspace, megavideo and dailymotion)

they look like this


I want to know how do i setup the sitemap to generate and get as many of those dynamicly searched urls and also to get it done in a way that i can set a corn job and the prevouis url will allways be saved and it will just add newly found URL's each time

If it's hard to understand me please leave a MSN and i will send you a link to my actul website.

Thanks for your help and have a great day

Re: Dynamic Index Streaming Website, Problem Using the Unlimited Sitemap.
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you should just specify the link to your domain root as starting URL and sitemap generator will find all links that can be found on your pages.