corn job
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hi every body

i'm already finish install the sitemap generator

i want the sitemap generator run automatically every day and every week if i need i think i can do that like what i read :

If you want the sitemap to be build periodically (daily, weekly etc) you should setup the cron job to run the script using your hosting Control Panel. The command to use for cron job is shown on the "Crawling" page

how i can do this stip ? i'm not understand

when i go to the ur i see this (( This tool can be executed in command line mode only ))

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Re: corn job
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scheduled task (cron job) should be set up in your hosting control panel.
Details depend on exact panel software you have installed on your host, but normally there should be a special menu item for cron tasks where you specify how often to run task and command line to run,