Need clarification on doc "unlimited looped links".
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What exactly does this mean?? "Unlimited looped links"

My product pages on my site contain a  link to a (Price List) page which contains many product links including the former. Does this constitute as what documentation refers to an error

10) You may want to limit the number of pages to index to make sure it will not be endless if your website have an error like unlimited looped links.

Is this  really a bad thing to do? If I just create a site map which does not contain duplicates.. will that solve the problem as far as search engines goes? To the user.. it is a nice feature but to a search engine it may be a problem.

Any thoughts.

Here is an example:
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Take a look at the View Price List link.

Thanks in advance.

Joseph Vogel
Re: Need clarification on doc "unlimited looped links".
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I would say that it might be a good idea to start with somewhat limited set of URLs in sitemap (limited with Maximum depth level in generator configuration), submit sitemap to Google and check the status of indexed pages. Once you have most of those pages indexed by Google, you can increase the depth level to let Google find more pages etc.
Re: Need clarification on doc "unlimited looped links".
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That sounds like a good start. Thanks...