problem with language/caracters
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Dealing with sitemaps for the first time...Don't know WHAT to download since I got a few versions.
 I checked HTML sitemaps (the only one that has a view option)...and that's what I am looking for..but THERE IS A PROBLEM...there are pages that are in greek (along with two other languages) and instead of greek letters in page titles, on the sitemap i see only some weird symbols.Can't download that!


And please, have in mind that this is the first time I am doing this so I am probably not that good in with experienced explanations.

thank you!!!!!!!
Re: problem with language/caracters
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according to sitemap protocol, the links in xml sitemap are "urlencoded' - that is correct and you can feel free to submit this sitemap to Google.
Re: problem with language/caracters
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I don't know, it didn't show properly when I tried to put it on the server... All caracters that are not latin, and page titles that have Greek in them, were not shown...

Any other suggestion?

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Re: problem with language/caracters
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the links in sitemap are not in human-readable format - they are encoded, this is normal and search engines will parse them without problems.