www vs http and external links
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Hello - tried searching but did not find an answer.
First of all - thank you for the tool. Love the 3.0 version with new features.

I have a site that uses domain without www, such as http:\\mysite.com
I have been consistently using this setup for the past 2 years. However, before that my site was http:\\www.mysite.com

Currently when I create a sitemap and run across links created more than 2 years ago, which include www, the sitemap generator thinks they are external, which they are obviously not to a human. There are several thousand of these links and I have no ability to edit them manually. Anything I can do to include them in my sitemap?

Thank you!
Re: www vs http and external links
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xml sitemap protocol doesn't allow to include links from different subdomains, even if it's domain.com and www.domain.com and Google will reject such a sitemap. That's why you should make all your URLs consistent - either with www or without.